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Accept & Proceed

Thursday, May 29th, 2008

Just perusin around in between portfolio, identity, website and job search work. I’ve determined – shows how rook I am – that googling is not your design friend. Chainlinking or something to that effect is what it do. Put differently, find a designer you like and then go study the ones he/she likes. Repeat process. Just make sure you can spare the time.

Check out dude called Von. I recognized some of his other work from Build’s ‘Get Involved’ poster campaign. It’s about 2/3 down. Also recall seein it in collab with aussie Justin M. Maller. Should be relatively near the top of the page on Maller’s site, which is worth your time.


Tuesday, May 20th, 2008

Alright, here is the new status – after a significant 3 month holding period, of course. No one died in the tornado on my campus, though many died across the states. 51 students got injured, 2 critically. By the grace of the Christ, not all of my possessions are gone, and, yes, the computer did make it! So it’s not all gone, and I still have a portfolio! In fact, most of my main possessions that I cared most about [computer, bible, lebron james drawing, and books] made it out. David Hume probably has an explanation for that …

I am three days graduated and trying to get my bearings straight like western Alaska. I’m searching for a communication design job in Nashville right now. While I am in wait mode between resumes and interviews I am updating the site as well as trying to perfect what exists in my portfolio. In other words – I have designated this period to strengthening what remains instead of tackling new tasks. Right now I need the focus, because, frankly, I’ll be grindstonin it hard enough in a few months.