Alright, here is the new status – after a significant 3 month holding period, of course. No one died in the tornado on my campus, though many died across the states. 51 students got injured, 2 critically. By the grace of the Christ, not all of my possessions are gone, and, yes, the computer did make it! So it’s not all gone, and I still have a portfolio! In fact, most of my main possessions that I cared most about [computer, bible, lebron james drawing, and books] made it out. David Hume probably has an explanation for that …

I am three days graduated and trying to get my bearings straight like western Alaska. I’m searching for a communication design job in Nashville right now. While I am in wait mode between resumes and interviews I am updating the site as well as trying to perfect what exists in my portfolio. In other words – I have designated this period to strengthening what remains instead of tackling new tasks. Right now I need the focus, because, frankly, I’ll be grindstonin it hard enough in a few months.

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