As many of my readers probably know, my school, Union University has just gone through a devastating tornado. No one is dead, though some are injured. My possessions are gone however, including my computer. All 4 years of college, gone. So what elements of my portfolio are still online will have to remain as a representation of what I can do and the direction I want to go. This is a very difficult time and honestly I am not too awful focused on the design world right now. I still have my first love, and that is Christ. What a sad day for the droves in design who have nothing more than a few shiny pixels. Jesus is real but that’s not enough. If Romans is true, convincing you that Jesus is real is a waste of effort. What matters is that Jesus saves us from the wrath of the Father and furthermore, he solves the sin problem. That’s what matters. And that’s a disaster I’ll never be able to make sense of.

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